Monday, 4 October 2010

3-D projecting form

This week we moved from 2-D work into 3-D artwork. The last few weeks we were creating 2-D flip up books but now- after being given a new book with a completely new genre we made, using newspaper (all recycled), something from the contents of the book to come to life and pop out of the book.

I was given a book that was all about botany and particular plants. I brainstormed ideas that I could use and in the end- because the flowers had big petals and winding vines I decided to do a viney flower blossoming out of the book. Also, to create maximum effect I stuck down ripped pieces of paper to create the look of the flower "bursting out of the paper".

We actually created the basic structure by rolling up recycled newspaper and modelling it using firstly masking tape. Then, after we had left it to dry, the next week we started to add colour or text ripped from the other pages of the book. I ripped out all of the green pictures and images and, using PVA glue stuck the small pieces on. I then used different yellow shades to cover the head of the flower. My art was not very sturdy, so I decided to use a twig from outside my classroom to prop up the sculpture. I then thought it looked quite natural so I decided to keep the twig.

This is my finished product-

A birds eye view

I am extremely surprised with how sturdy and well my pop out sculpture came. I am surprised because when I first started using the newspaper to sculpt the stem of the flower was extremely unsteady and I thought I may have to start again or try to make it more sturdier. But by adding a liberal amount of PVA  glue that helped make the base much more sturdy and supportive.
If I could improve it in any way I would try and use shading and make the colours that cover the flower much more obvious and easy to see e.g that leaf is a lighter yellow as the leaf at the side is more orange. This would make the piece much more aesthetically  pleasing by the colours blending in and making the flower more smooth and have the same texture of the flower.

My artwork closely resembles the artwork of sculpture Sachiyo Yoshida. As you see, I tried to closely replicate the 'bursting out of the pages look' which Sachiyo cleverly made here. But differently to my work this is much more sturdier because the artist most likely used wire to sculpt and hold up the shape of the ram, and then using the pages and alot of glue, maybe papier mache to make the 'skin' of the animal.


  1. Your introductions get better and better, well done.

    The images with the plain background illustrate the form of your piece much more successfully, well done. I would like you to experiment with the photography for this piece further though, you can do this in class this week.

    Please add annotation that reflects on what you think of your final outcome, connections to artists work and improvements you could make.

    Your blog continues to be an excellent record of your work, well done.

  2. Thankyou,
    That's weird, I think while I was uploading the new pictures I deleted a few paragraphs on Sachiyo Yoshimara, I will try and write another paragraph for him then.