Friday, 8 October 2010

Bottle slumping

In another lesson we learnt how to create a holder for our slumped bottles.

Bottle slumping is when you put a wine bottle into a kiln and it 'slumps' into different shapes a can make a holder or many other objects.

We decided to make the holder for our bottle out of clay as it will not melt in the kiln and will mould the bottle into the correct shape.
The equipment we need are

-A mat                       -A water pot
-A rolling pin              -A knife
-A fork                       -Clay                 -Cheese wire

The instructions we decided on are as written down,

Firstly you cover the Wine bottle with paper towel and masking tape,
Next you use the bottom of the palm of your hand to flatten the clay evenly.
--the slab thickness should be around 1cm and the length of the bottle plus a few cm.
After you cut around the slab to the rough shape of the bottle.
Place the slab on top of the Bottle
 Then take four pieces of clay and roll them into spheres.
At four points cross hatch a small part.
Cross hatch the four spheres on one side
Use water to stick the spheres on the slab
Then mould the spheres so they become more into four stands to prop up the bottle
Leave for 2 weeks until it becomes bone dry
Place in kiln at 1100 degrees celcius

This is our plan for bottle slumping, this is what an actual slumped bottle will look like,

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