Sunday, 12 September 2010

Book-Artist Supreme Cara Barer

Cara Barer is most likely one of my top 'book' artists. 
Her photographs are (quoted for her portfolio) 'a documentation of physical evolution' 
I think this is a great way to describe her work. As I post up her photos you can start to see how elements such as air and water and fire and earth influence her work.

           Sea Nettle 2008 by Cara Barer

This photograph is very interesting to look at because of the rhythmical swirls and pattern that the book's pages create. 
Thinking of the elements and 'physical evolution' theme the book looks like it is submerged in water or levitating in mid air.
 I think this piece is effective because the black background makes it look even more like it is levitating on mid air. 
I also think the two toned black and white look makes the colours pop out more and look more contrasting which contributes to a more eye-catching photo.

The next piece of her work is called 

Argon again by Cara Barer

This piece is quite similar to the last one except to make it different
 and stand out from the other photos she has used magazines to make the paper glossy  
and different bright primary colours to be different from the black of the background and white of the paper.

Well that's Cara Barers' artwork I have analysed briefly- you will soon be seeing  the work of Ros Rixon coming up!


  1. Very thorough annotation, I really like that you make meaningful personal comments as well as using technical terms appropriately, well done.

    Please make sure images are visible though Abigail.

  2. Oh, I have reposted the pictures and hopefully they are visible now!

  3. Still can't see the image of Argon, try, try again!