Sunday, 19 September 2010

Creative Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips was born in London in 1937 and is probably
most famous for his 370 paged artwork called 'The Humument'.
These pieces of artwork helped him get a solo exhibition at the
National Portrait gallery exhibiting other works of his as well such as a portrait
of Dame Iris Murdoch, a novelist.

The Humument is created by getting a page from a book and then covering up by paint or by wax crayon most of the works, leaving only a select few words left that all make sense and create a story or a meaning of some kind.

My favourite Humument ( meaning Human Document because that was the paper he used originally) is page 202 because although it is black and white you can see how he has used mark making to cover up the words that he doesn't want to use.

See caption below                    This is page 202 of the Humument

Anther one of my favourite pages of the Humument is page 334 because it is much more abstract and slightly harder to decipher the actual message,

See caption below Page 334 of the Humument

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