Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ros Rixon Recycles..

Ros Rixon's main artwork are sculptures such as 'spheres' and the 'Full circles'
project but Ros also made a project of 'Book Pages' and sculptures
that included a book sculpture called
               ' Artists at work'

This must have taken a long time to create because of for each page
 of the whole book the artist has stripped off hundreds of little pieces and
made them hang just out of the width of the book and has created an intricate,
 exciting sculpture to look at from different angles because it is on a pedestal so you can look at it from 360 degrees.
I think that because of the complicated paper the colours are better being slightly
duller and more sepia toned to make the book look more aged and old.

So that's all for Ros Rixon and I will keep posting if I see any more good artists!

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